St. John's Episcopal School


“Last year was our daughter’s first year at St. John’s; she was in Mrs. Palmer’s Preschool/3 class, and it was a wonderful year.  Mrs. Palmer made our decision to move to St. Johns well worth it.  I know that our daughter had a great time meeting new friends, and doing all of the activities that Mrs. Palmer painstakingly took the time to plan, but from a parent’s perspective, I love the fact that Mrs. Palmer made our daughter comfortable and happy, and that she learned a lot in the process.  I never thought I would send my kids to a private school, because I just could not understand how they were worth the extra cost, but after my daughter had been at St. John’s for just several weeks, I took my husband aside and told him that because of the faculty and staff at St. John’s, no matter what, our daughter would stay for the long run.  We love the school!”
    ~ Current Preschool Parent

“Our son loves the school and we cannot imagine a higher quality teaching staff and administration anywhere else.”
    ~ Current Lower School Parent

“We feel that being at St. John’s has made a profound and positive change in our daughter’s enthusiasm for school, and she comes home each day with renewed excitement about all the new things she is studying and learning.  She is very content with her friends and all of her classes, and there is a sense of peace about the class; everybody gets along and works well together.”
    ~ Current Lower School Parent

Among the many great qualities of St. John’s, the fact that each student is greeted with a handshake at the front door each morning, and called by name, is very empowering.  My child knows the names of every student in the whole school.  This speaks very highly of the camaraderie the school emphasizes.
~Current Lower School Parent

“St. John’s is more than a school. A school is simply bricks and mortar. St. John’s is a family – a welcoming community. When you enter, you get a warm feeling. Everyone associated within the St. John’s community is totally committed to helping students become well-rounded, and well prepared for future educational opportunities and a chance to make a difference in the world. The students are challenged and they respond – both in the classroom and the local and global community. We love the teachers; both teachers and staff are so passionate about that they do every single day, and their reponsiveness when questions or issues arrive is wonderful. Make no mistake; St. John’s is not perfect. They strive to be, but more importantly they teach the diverse student body to accept mistakes and be tolerant of others, as well as giving everything you do your best effort. The classroom sizes are small by design and it really gives each teacher the opportunity to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each student. We are blessed to be in such a wonderful learning atmosphere and embracing community. St. John’s is an oasis for those looking for educational and spiritual harmony.”
    ~Current Lower and Upper School Parent

“We have noticed that every one of our son’s teachers care about each child attending St. John’s and is passionate about the job they do in teaching our children, not just academics, but the values that are so important in today’s society.”
    ~ Current Upper School Parent

“St. John’s has been a great school for our three children. Each of them has developed tremendously over the years, both academically and socially. Their experiences have resulted in them being more responsible, independent, confident, positive, happy children. They have had wonderful, nurturing, talented teachers who have treated them as individuals, have brought out the best in each of them, and have taught them the nine “Traits for Success”. We like the strong sense of community among the student families, teachers, staff and administration, and the understanding that education is a partnership between home and school. We are grateful that our children are thriving at St. John’s and love to go to school.”
    ~ Current Upper School Parent

“My math teacher, Mrs. Persinger, was not only a great teacher, but she also became a good friend. She tutored me in math every week after school and I earned a 700 in the math section of the SAT, which helped my admission to PENN. Her caring personality and friendship will be engraved in my mind for the rest of my life.”
    ~ Alumni, Class of 2002

“At St. John’s you know everybody. The big buddy and little buddy program make the different grades work together. You feel very much at home; the first time I visited the school I couldn’t believe how at home I felt.”
    ~Alumni, Class of 2011

“After 9 years of being in the St. John’s community and having our daughter attend from kindergarten through 8th grade, we can absolutely endorse St. John’s Episcopal School as being one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Our daughter has grown into a person of character and faith with many more characteristics too long to list. From the nurturing environment and rigourous academics, the final product that St. John’s delivers is truly one of the best in independent or private schools. Our daughter graduated with honors, was the recipient of the Valliant Award, as well as the Spirit Award at graduation last year, and was accepted into Bullis School. I cannot thank St. John’s enough for the wonderful work they do, not only for our daughter, but for building character and faith in all of their students! I encourage parents to definitely take a look at this great school when considering schools in the area; you will not be disappointed.”
    ~ Alumni Parent

“Success for schools and children involves holding the bar high, but knowing when to bend it for a bit; instilling confidence, teaching morals, and ethics. St. John’s teachers know this!”
    ~ Alumni Parent

“After our son graduated from St. John’s, he had an excellent academic experience at Georgetown Prep and then went on to do great things at Villanova School of Business. I credit his success to the faculty and staff of St. John’s. They truly foster the notion of being your ‘best self.'”
    ~ Alumni Parent