St. John's Episcopal School

Upper School

The Upper School (grades 5 – 8) continues to cultivate the full academic potential of students while nurturing their social and emotional development. At this level, St. John’s mission statement is incorporated with every aspect of life at school. Strong emphasis is placed on our commitment to kindness, honesty, respect, and compassion. The Traits for Success are implemented across all subject areas to promote the power of knowledge, resilient character and dedication to community service.

Our intense four-year program prepares students for high school by emphasizing technology and study skills, working cooperatively in small groups, creating presentations and participating in class discussions. The challenging curriculum elevates academic expectations as students engage in the rigors of higher level learning. Interscholastic sports are offered that highlight participation, teamwork, and skill development. An advisory program guides students as they navigate their class work along with extracurricular activities such as Science Fair projects, Student Council, and performing arts experiences.