St. John's Episcopal School

H.E.R.O.E.S. Character Education Program

Having Everyone Be Respectful Of Each Other and Serve.

The HEROES program at St. John’s aligns with the character development and behavioral expectations instruction. Each month a community building topic is highlighted within the homerooms (K-4) and advisories (5-8). Discussions, activities, and reflections on each topic are meant to engage students in developing skills of respect, kindness, and courage.

As a part of the HEROES program, students engaged in the Power of Change.

Monthly HEROES Topics

September: HEROES, Defining the program and outlining the year. “What is a Hero?”

October: Bullying, Define bullying. “Who is a Bully? Am I a Bully?”

November: Victim/Courage, Define courage in its social application, Define the victim role. “How must a victim have courage?”

December: Innocent Bystander, Define the role of the bystander. “What is a Bystander? Have I been a bystander?”

January: Exclusions, define what it means to intentionally exclude. “Do I exclude people? Do I feel excluded?”

February: Rumors, define rumors and gossip. “How do rumors negatively effect someone? What role do I play in spreading gossip?”

March: Student/Staff Topics, define what areas of character need to be addressed in each advisory or as a school.

April: Reflection of HEROES, “What have we learned? What do we still need to learn?”

May: Celebration of  Positive Character

“Focusing the entire community on the same topic weekly fosters a common vocabulary and promotes dialogue on themes important for all ages,” said Dr. Starrette Galanis, Associate Head of School.

Students at St. John’s take the HEROES Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to making St. John’s a safe, caring, and respectful community.

I pledge to myself and everyone at St. John’s Episcopal School that I will demonstrate respect by treating others the way I would like to be treated. I will choose to meet classroom and school expectations for kindness, honesty, respect, and compassion because I want to help make my school a safe and caring place to learn. We pledge as a class to do our best to be respectful and serve our community.